Being Creative

A complete art practice for Karma Creative founders includes professional art practice, teaching, and research. We’ll be sharing our research with you here from time to time.

The arts, including music, dance, and visual art, augment our lives in meaningful ways. Our question at the studio has been: does visual art change the brain and enhance learning? Click on the link below to read Maggie’s researched answer.

Get Creative and Productive (Maggie Doswell, 2013)

Five easy steps to get into your creative groove. Maggie tells you how she makes it work for her. Try it yourself.

Does studying visual art help my teen with science?  (Maggie Doswell, 2013)

We’ve observed that working in a group creates a synergy that helps everyone. Read what Karen has to say by following the link below.

Let an art community power your art (Karen Chisvin, 2013)

Working the canvas of our bodies can help us work the canvas of our art. Ann-Marie Ahye shares her personal experience.

Mindful Yoga for Creative Flow (Ann-Marie Ahye, 2013)


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