This season get some Karma!

Working with Maggie helps resolve the painting.

Working with Maggie helps resolve the painting.

This season get some Karma and join us at fast-growing Karma Creative art studio. See what’s on our regular winter program here. And don’t forget, we add new workshops and classes all the time. Encaustic collage in January is brand new.

Our students love us because

“The classes are small and individualized – the teachers are experts in helping you work in your own style”

“Maggie is amazing! She is able to help each of us in class, without taking away from lectures and studio time.”

“I started as a solitary, beginning artist. When I joined the class we call came from different levels, but our teacher quickly helped us to become a group! Now I have a painting community at Karma: everyone is so friendly and helpful!”

“I’ve learned so much from Karen. She is an expert in all aspects of pouring resin! My friends were so impressed with the gifts I made for them.”

“I’m glad I found Karma – now I can draw!”

“This is fun. I’ll be back soon.”

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